Jack and Kay Pelham are the founders of and instructors at The Pelham School. Kay is a full-time home school educator with a Masters in Piano Pedagogy from East Carolina University. Her teaching schedule includes slots for about 15 piano students, as well as for accompanying the Yellowstone Boy Choir.

Jack has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from The Florida State University with strong emphasis in both instrumental and vocal/choral music. Jack’s experience includes teaching high school chorus and conducting multiple church and charity choral groups and small ensembles. Jack is also deeply interested in human thinking, with an emphasis on rationality and whether we can learn to think better than we commonly do. He is currently writing a compendium of the recent cognitive science literature on rationality, which he hopes to finish by Spring 2015. The title is Reality-Based Thinking: Real hope for the world—and for you.

We are life-long learners who teach others as much for our own quality of life as for theirs! We are excited to be bringing this dream into reality and we hope that you’ll get in touch to discuss whatever interest you may have in what we are building.