Audition Coaching (Acting and Singing)

NOTE:  Jack is generally unavailable for coaching at this time, but we have left this page up for archival purposes.  If you want just a session or two (and not an ongoing period of instruction), it might be possible to fit you in.  Just call Jack to discuss it.  (406) 696-4435.  Be sure to tell him you’re not looking for ongoing lessons.


Are you preparing to audition for a play, musical, or vocal ensemble?  Come get some coaching so that you can audition with confidence!

Jack Pelham is our audition coach, and can schedule short-term sessions (as many or as few as you need) to prepare you for your audition.


Here’s a quick list of some of the types of things Jack can help with for your singing audition:

  1. Are you singing on pitch?
  2. Are you getting the words and notes right?
  3. Does your vocal tone match the style of the music you are singing?
  4. Are your lyrics understandable?
  5. Do you understand the music (the art) that you are singing—or does it just sound like words and notes?
  6. Are you singing loudly enough to be heard—or is the director going to have to nag you again and again about singing out?
  7. Is your breathing sufficient to support the pitches in the song, the desired tone of the piece?  And do you know how to breath in high-nervousness situations, such as an audition?  Or are you likely to crash and burn because your breathing is passive and unrehearsed?
  8. Does the song you are singing need a particular accent?  And have you mastered it?
  9. Does your song require any particular character?  Does that character come through in the song?  Is it consistent with any spoken lines you may have?

Some singers just need a quick checkup session, and they can take it from there.  Other singers who aren’t as advanced, may want a few sessions to build some good habits before the audition.  Either way, you’ll have much more confidence having worked with a coach before your audition.


Jack is great at helping you with these things as you preparing for your acting audition.

  1. Are you speaking loudly enough to be heard, or is your director going to have to nag you again and again about speaking up?
  2. Are your words easy to understand, or is your audience going to be frustrated with you throughout the entire play?
  3. Do you understand the importance of your part in the play, and how your lines fit in with the bigger picture?  Or are you just saying words?
  4. Have you picked an audition piece that is suitable for you as an actor?
  5. Do you understand that acting is a two-way communication?  Are you aware of whether your audience is “with you” or not?
  6. Do you know how to “sell” a line?
  7. Is your character believable?
  8. Does your role require an accent?  If so, it is consistent and believable?
  9. Do you understand just how important good breathing is to an actor?  Is your breathing passive and unrehearsed, or do you know the techniques that can get you through nervousness on the stage and give you a steady and consistent performance?


Anyone of any age.

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $40.
For younger children, 30-minute sessions work better, and cost $20.