Patient Curiosity

At a local annual homeschool kickoff event, Kay and I set up a table to display information about our initial round of classes and private instruction offerings.  Eva, who is 18-ish, came by to say hello and it was clear early on that she had no time in her schedule for any further academics, yet she continued to linger for several minutes at our table, reading the descriptions of our course offerings. Continue reading

Sacrificially Honest

At James’ 11th birthday celebration, the kids played a scavenger hunt game in the park across the street.  They came up to me en masse at one point to have me settle a dispute as to which team was the rightful finder of one of the several hidden tokens in the field.  I asked a few questions to determine what had happened.  It seems that one team had first spotted the item, but the other laid hands on it first. Continue reading

Friendly and Confident

I was in a local bike shop last Spring when I was approached by someone who was speaking as he walked up to me.  He said, “You’re James’ dad, right?”  I turned around to see that it was Kyle—a friend of James’, around 10 or 11 years old, who had just attended James’ birthday party a month before.  I remembered him instantly and we exchanged a few kind words before we parted ways. Continue reading