Cheerful at Hard Work

We hired Ray to help us move some boxes of books.  Lots of boxes.  Heavy boxes.  Up a flight of stairs.  You get the picture.

I watched with interest as Ray was cheerful from the beginning.  Would his mood tire before he had finished the 27 boxes?  Would his eagerness slow down?  Would he show signs of regret that he had taken the job?  Would there be any hint of complaining?

Nope!  He was committed to the work for the duration and he didn’t seem to be burdened with that vein of laziness that is called for in today’s teen stereotype.  Way to go, Ray!  What a joy it is to work with a human like that!

What if all kids were raised to be like that?

NOTE ABOUT THE POST ABOVE:  All my “Great Kid Behavior” posts are about things I have personally witnessed and found impressive or surprising.  Most of our society, I’m afraid, sets its expectations for kids’ characters far too low.  Kids are amazing and can learn some of the most profound character traits!

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