Friendly and Confident

I was in a local bike shop last Spring when I was approached by someone who was speaking as he walked up to me.  He said, “You’re James’ dad, right?”  I turned around to see that it was Kyle—a friend of James’, around 10 or 11 years old, who had just attended James’ birthday party a month before.  I remembered him instantly and we exchanged a few kind words before we parted ways.

I was very impressed with this encounter because he lacked the typical shyness that so many kids seem to have.  He was obviously happy to see me and eager to give a friendly greeting.

What if all kids were raised to be like that?

NOTE ABOUT THE POST ABOVE:  All my “Great Kid Behavior” posts are about things I have personally witnessed and found impressive or surprising.  Most of our society, I’m afraid, sets its expectations for kids’ characters far too low.  Kids are amazing and can learn some of the most profound character traits!


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