Kay Pelham

Kay was raised in the Midwest where she studied piano privately from age 7 to 17 and enjoyed participation in several choirs from elementary school through high school.  After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano Performance from Abilene Christian University and a Masters of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy from East Carolina University,  she began teaching private piano lessons and would continue to participate in various choirs and vocal ensembles.   Her experience also includes piano accompaniment for soloists, choirs, and other ensembles.

After living in New York City for several years, Kay moved to Nashville, TN where she met her husband Jack.  As Jack remembers their introduction, it happened on the stage of the famous Ryman Auditorium during a rehearsal for a charity benefit concert.  As Kay remembers it, however, it happened at another rehearsal in a borrowed warehouse space!  (Naturally, Jack prefers his story!)

Kay and Jack performed together in various church and charity events both the Ryman and the Grand Ol’ Opry.  (Don’t get too excited about that, folks.  You could sing there, too, if your charity were to rent the hall for a special event!)  They married in 2002 and have spent the last several years raising their son James, whom Kay homeschools.

During the past seven years, Kay has studied and implemented the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason.  Kay believes, as Mason taught, that “children are born persons,” and not merely empty mind-sacks to be filled, or blank slates to be written upon.  Kay applies this same respect of personhood to her parenting as well as to her piano students, whether children or adults.  Having taught piano in several states, as well as a year of elementary school music, Kay says that one of her favorite parts is coaching both adults and children through the awkward stages of beginning piano.  She believes that music is of great benefit to the young and old alike, teaching discipline, working the mind, and offering therapeutic benefits at the same time.

Kay believes that the piano is an excellent instrument with which to start—and to finish!  She says that the piano offers a great foundation in understanding many aspects of music reading and theory, as well as being a life long companion for playing for oneself, or accompanying and entertaining friends.