Patient Curiosity

At a local annual homeschool kickoff event, Kay and I set up a table to display information about our initial round of classes and private instruction offerings.  Eva, who is 18-ish, came by to say hello and it was clear early on that she had no time in her schedule for any further academics, yet she continued to linger for several minutes at our table, reading the descriptions of our course offerings.

It was obvious from her remarks and questions that she was reading carefully—for understanding—and that she was imagining what it would be like to participate in each of the offerings.  I was impressed with this because it signaled to me that she is not only unusually patient for a teenager, but unusually keen on understanding things that are not immediately important to her in any practical or logistical sense.  What a great quality!

What if all kids were raised to be like this?!

NOTE ABOUT THE POST ABOVE:  All my “Great Kid Behavior” posts are about things I have personally witnessed and found impressive or surprising.  Most of our society, I’m afraid, sets its expectations for kids’ characters far too low.  Kids are amazing and can learn some of the most profound character traits!



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