Sacrificially Honest

At James’ 11th birthday celebration, the kids played a scavenger hunt game in the park across the street.  They came up to me en masse at one point to have me settle a dispute as to which team was the rightful finder of one of the several hidden tokens in the field.  I asked a few questions to determine what had happened.  It seems that one team had first spotted the item, but the other laid hands on it first.

So it came down to one final question, and the only one who had directly seen the event was Liam.  It was Liam’s team who had first discovered the token and I asked him whether he or his teammates had actually laid hands on it before the other team snatched it away.  He admitted that they had not.  As a result, I awarded the token (and the associated points) to the other team.

It was my honor later, however, to award bonus points for various episodes of good behavior during the game, and Liam’s honesty was richly rewarded!

What if all kids were raised to be like that?!

NOTE ABOUT THE POST ABOVE:  All my “Great Kid Behavior” posts are about things I have personally witnessed and found impressive or surprising.  Most of our society, I’m afraid, sets its expectations for kids’ characters far too low.  Kids are amazing and can learn some of the most profound character traits!

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